jueves, 12 de noviembre de 2009

money money money money!

hello! today Iwill talk about money...

I think that I am good with money, because I have almost everything that I really want, maybe sometimes I should wait for have what I want, but if I try I get what I want.
I ussually could save money if I have some purpose, for example buy something, but when I dont have any purpose, I usually spending in clothes or for get out.

usually I won't borrow money from other people, but when I need something, I try to pay back quickly the money because I dont like feel in indebted with someone.

Other peoples sometimes borrow money from me, but usually I try to provide money just to my friends, because I don't like call back the money, so as I have trust with my friends I know that they know that should return the money or I could tell them that I need the money and they don't feel be disturbed.

I don't have problem with manage money, because I am orderly, so I know that I dont lose money or that I will spend. sometimes I dont like have big money because I feel afraid that maybe could steal me, so I prefer don't managment big money for security of everyone :)

I don't have bills because I live with my parents, but I know that them pay the bill in the banks or in places specialized in receive payments.

I think that in public school should teach children how to manage money, because many people are very disorganized with the money, or as the banks want that you into debt with them, they do meals and many times cheat the people giving credit to people who can not afford. So could be good that in the school teach you how manage money for have a monetary life orderly.
but is really good that the parents and the family be a good example for the childrens.

I use a bank but just for save money, so as I don't use many, I only can say that I don't have problems.

I think that the money is important but not the most important. :)

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  1. yes, are too inconvenient aks for your money, I feel a bad and creed person XD. Other things, I unlike use baks, but it is your option XD. well see you.