jueves, 12 de noviembre de 2009

money money money money!

hello! today Iwill talk about money...

I think that I am good with money, because I have almost everything that I really want, maybe sometimes I should wait for have what I want, but if I try I get what I want.
I ussually could save money if I have some purpose, for example buy something, but when I dont have any purpose, I usually spending in clothes or for get out.

usually I won't borrow money from other people, but when I need something, I try to pay back quickly the money because I dont like feel in indebted with someone.

Other peoples sometimes borrow money from me, but usually I try to provide money just to my friends, because I don't like call back the money, so as I have trust with my friends I know that they know that should return the money or I could tell them that I need the money and they don't feel be disturbed.

I don't have problem with manage money, because I am orderly, so I know that I dont lose money or that I will spend. sometimes I dont like have big money because I feel afraid that maybe could steal me, so I prefer don't managment big money for security of everyone :)

I don't have bills because I live with my parents, but I know that them pay the bill in the banks or in places specialized in receive payments.

I think that in public school should teach children how to manage money, because many people are very disorganized with the money, or as the banks want that you into debt with them, they do meals and many times cheat the people giving credit to people who can not afford. So could be good that in the school teach you how manage money for have a monetary life orderly.
but is really good that the parents and the family be a good example for the childrens.

I use a bank but just for save money, so as I don't use many, I only can say that I don't have problems.

I think that the money is important but not the most important. :)

jueves, 5 de noviembre de 2009

My faculty.

Today I am to talk to you about my faculty.
Nowadays in my faculty have been many changes in the programs of the careers, because all University is in a change of programs for do more actual the programs for the requirements of the society, but especially for the requirements of the market.

for me the changes have things good and others bad, for example in my career has eliminated courses that was more of the same but also has eliminated some course that could be very usefull, or for example has eliminated many courses of themes more teoric o more critic, that teach you to think, and no only to do things.
other problem in the faculty are the library, that is too small, and in more like a study room that a library.

I think that the changes for improvement the problems of the faculty pass for do things together, with the academic, that know how to do the things and with the students that know what changes we need.
for improvement the library I thing that the faculty should invert and build a good space for all the students need, with computers and a good space for study.

for improvement the programs of the career should compare no only with others universities, we should study the necesity of the country and our society.

I think that for get the change the most important is the dialogue respectful betwen all the statements of the faculty and be disposed to hear each part.

I dont do many for this, but I hope that in a future could commit more with the situation of the faculty.


jueves, 24 de septiembre de 2009

My music.

Today I go to talk about my favorite music.
For me the music is a point very important in my life, because I really enjoy listen many different kinds of music.

I have music for different moments, according to the type of mood or the situation I listen a particular kind of music.

For example when I am calm I listen rock specially 60, 70's rock, like the beatles, the doors, pink floyd or groups like that, or music in spanish specially for to sing, and I like sing specially when I am alone, because sing with other people sometimes gives me shame. the singers and group that I like listen is very different, for example I like Silvio Rodriguez, Soda Stereo, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs and many others.

when I am in a party I love dance so my Favorite kind of music for that is the reagueton and the cumbia, and others kind, like the "pachanga" that is a kind of music seemed to the cumbia but with ritim that make you jump or somethings like that, for me is difficult to describe it.

when I am under a lot of stress I like listen music very spirited, because I need some of energy, and the music serves me for it.

the major of the music that I listen, the groups and singers, I do it because some friend show me a song, or I listen a song of them in some place, and then I started to search more music of them.

the music that I really hate is the metal and some singers to much romantic, because don't like me the rhythm and themes of the songs, another kind of music that dont like me is the very old music that is too slow.

jueves, 3 de septiembre de 2009

Transantiago After - Before.

hello today I am gonna talk about the changes that I live with the Transantiago.

For me the Transantiago was a good idea that it was done very bad, I thimçnk that the transport sistem was very bad before the Transantiago, but lamentably the Transantiago wasn`t done good and imply spend a lot of money to the country, for me the best idea of the transantiago and that was done of the best way was the Bip, that is a card and you could pay the bus ticket with them.

I think that probably now the sistem is a bit better, but I think that all the change is not suitable because was a little change with a lot of money. But I think that for some people is better because they could take many busses and pay just one, and with this they could save money.

In my experience the Transantiago wasn`t so traumatic, because in the place where I live always many busses pased, but probably in the beggining I should wait more time that now, because there were fewer busses.
I think that in the future the Transantiago system will have some changes, such to improve the frequency in wich the busses pass, because now many busses pass together and later don`t pass any buss in many time, and you should wait a lot.

jueves, 27 de agosto de 2009

the countries that I would like to go.

I love travel, so I want know many countries, I want know all Europe because I think that is a place in the world that have many history, many of the things that we study in the school hapend in europe so I think that is very interesting be in a place that all your life you listened, and see closely the places that you looked many times in pictures.
Europe have many places that be very interesting, and other thing that I like of this continent is that you could go to any country and use the same money and you could go to the others countries without do so much paperwork, like visa or others permissions.
The countries that more like me in europe are England, France and Italy, but if you are in Europe I think that you should take advantage the trip.
The things that I like to do there are know all the tourist places and historical places such as museums and too go to famous places such as parks or castles, and know the nocturn life, such as go to bars or pubs for have some fun.

I think would be very good live or study in Europe because I believe that here the education and the quality of life is really good, and I really like live in the foreign, because I think that is a good life experience.

jueves, 13 de agosto de 2009

My first semester of 2009

I am gonna talk about my first semester in 2009.

In the University I have an interested semester, I have six courses, and I learn many things, I think that the more interested was learn more about what do you do in psychology, for example I learn about the perspectives in psychology, or about psychopathologies, and I feel that I learn many things that will be very important for my career.

With my family I had a good semester, My aunt came from the foreign so we could share with her and had a great time together. We have a great relation so is very nice be with them.

In my free time I try to spent with my friends and my family, I closer ties with my university friends and I really like be with them, I go out with my family and friends and I could say that in this semester I become more closer with some friends.

The challenges that I should to face was the study, because sometimes for me is very difficult make me the time to study so was difficult be responsible and study all that I need for have good califications, other thing that was difficult was could distribute well the time specially between my friends and I think that in some moments I retired to some old friends, and responsablilities that I have with them.